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We, at M. White Dental, pride ourselves with having the expertise to repair air operated and electric dental handpieces. The benefit of this expertise allows our customers the opportunity to utilize their handpieces beyond our warranties. We recognize that we are servicing tools our customers use for their profession and we have a sense of urgency regarding getting their handpieces back to them as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on testing and retesting all dental handpieces to make sure they meet our expectations before returning them to our customers.   Our goal is to provide excellent repairs that will give every handpiece an extended service life. Our business is not just a job to us, it is a lifelong desire to repair handpieces that are not operating efficiently and make them efficient again. We have partnered with MyDent International and Johnson-Promident to provide you with a quality product that will meet your needs at a reasonable cost. 


Our decision to offer the DEFEND was easy! We love products that are recognized by others in the dental community. DEFEND has been recognized and awarded by the "Hygiene Product Shopper, The Dental Advisor and the Dental Product Shopper". We know that this recognition means a lot to the end user and it is our privilege to offer it to you via our website!
The DEFEND brand, manufactured by Mydent International, is a broad line of infection control products, disposables, impression material systems and preventatives for the healthcare marketplace.

Mydent's DEFEND brand products have earned high industry ratings from reputable publications such as Dental Product Shopper, Hygiene Product Shopper, and The Dental Advisor. 

DEFEND Prophylaxis Paste-

DEFEND+PLUS Pouches-with Built in Internal Indicator-


DEFEND+PLUS Jackets & Lab Coats- 

Bite Registration Material- 

Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material




Why did we choose to offer the Johnson-Promident Line of products?

We chose to offer the Johnson-Promident line of products because they carry over 1,000+ products and they provide our customers with the leading technology at lower prices along with continuous education from Johnson-Promident University. Johnson-Promident has been a trusted source for handpieces for almost 40 years. In the late 2011 Johnson-Promident joined together with Deldent of Israel. The addition of Deldent’s cutting edge scaling and polishing products makes M. White Dental a one-stop shop for small equipment and related accessories. And in 2012 we added full lines of diamond burs and finishing and polishing instruments to our existing line of top-rated* carbide burs to create the most comprehensive array of rotary instruments in existence!

 *2012 Best Product rating from Dental Product Shopper, the highest rated carbide bur.

Johnson-Promident provides an excellent online resource, that was designed to provide dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and other office staff with the following comprehensive education information. This information is general to all products and brands in the category and will help ensure that you make the best product choices and get the greatest longevity, performance, and satisfaction from your equipment.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to attend Johnson-Promident University!

·         Johnson Promident University provides customer education on products:

§  High Speed Handpieces 101

·         Handpiece Tubing Compatibility

·         High Speed Connections & Chucking Mechanisms

·         Handpiece Maintenance Tips

·         Handpiece Maintenance Instructions

·         Choosing a High Speed Handpiece

§  Low Speed Handpieces 101

·         E-Type and Doriot Handpieces

·         Low Speed Attachments and Angles

·         Low Speed Attachment Combinations

·         Tips on Choosing Low Speed Handpieces

§  Rotary Instruments

·         What is a Rotary Instrument?

·         Carbide Burs

·         Diamond Burs

·         Finishing and Polishing Instruments

·         Usage and Maintenance

·         Numbering Systems

·         Reading the Charts